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Ist Matcha teurer als Kaffee?

Is matcha more expensive than coffee?

You are tired of being tired or 😫 limp all day and coffee is not really a healthy and good solution. You don't like that coffee damages your teeth, makes you restless and gives you bad breath. 😬

You'd love to find a better, healthier alternative, but matcha just seems too expensive...

Up to this last point we were of the same opinion.

Matcha is not as expensive as you might think...

Let's take a look at how much each energy drink really costs:

So matcha is not as expensive as you might think... and it goes even further: matcha is a superfood, it has the highest level of antioxidants per gram of any food in the world (10-100x more than green tea).

That means you get all of those health benefits, too. And with 40mg of L-Theanine per serving, you also benefit from an increased concentration effect.

In summary, matcha costs almost the same, if not less, than other energy drinks and is much healthier for you:

🍃 Rich in antioxidants
🪥 Good for the teeth (effective against tooth decay and bad breath)
🍴 Good for digestion 🎯 Increased concentration ⚡

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Do you need matcha for a recipe?