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30 Tage Matcha Challenge

30 Day Matcha Challenge

Discover what healthy eating, fitness, plenty of water and daily matcha can do for your body in just 30 days...

With this link you can download the challenge and print it out at home:


Why take part in the challenge?

1. Matcha 🍵

This superfood has many advantages: high antioxidant content, long-lasting energy, improved concentration, vitamins & minerals and a matcha latte is simply delicious.

2. water 🚰

Water is so important to our bodies, but most people don't drink enough of it. We recommend at least 2L of water in addition to what we eat, and this challenge will encourage you to do so.

3 . Fitness 🏃‍♀️

Just 30 minutes of daily exercise can do a lot for your health. From improving life expectancy and cardiovascular health to helping with depression & anxiety.

You don't have to go to the gym either. We recommend walks in the fresh air, dancing at home (Zumba on Youtube), jogging, yoga, biking, and even cleaning (yes, that counts).

4 . No junk food 🍟

Junk food is just that: junk. Lots of sugar, lots of salt, lots of unsaturated fatty acids and trans fats, not to mention the proven increase in the risk of numerous diseases. It's understandable that you feel bad afterwards... and by the way, your over-sugared Starbucks drink also counts as junk food (you'd better make a matcha latte at home).

Download Matcha Detox Challenge as PDF →

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Do you need matcha for a recipe?