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Why should you drink matcha?

Short question:

How many cups of coffee do you drink a day? (Or green tea or Redbull) 🤔 

And how do you feel afterwards? Full of energy... that lasts maybe 2-3 hours? Or still 😴 tired and maybe a little shaky or nervous? 😬

It happens to everyone, and many just got used to it.

But we shouldn't! When we drink an "energy drink" we should feel full of energy and fit for the day, not tired and with coffee bad breath... 🤦‍♂️

If only there were an energy drink that would... gives energy for more than 5 hours , doesn't make us restless, makes our breath smell good, doesn't cause stomach problems, improves our concentration and is healthy for us... 🧐

Well, the dreaming stops now. Because there is such an energy drink: matcha!

Now you're probably going to say, "But matcha is just green tea, isn't it? And green tea doesn't give me any energy."

No and yes. Matcha is not "just" a fancy green tea. It is made from specially grown green tea leaves that have much higher levels of caffeine, L-theanine and antioxidants.

And with matcha, the whole leaf is drunk, not just boiled in water and then thrown away. 🍃

Check out this cool chart our marketing team created to compare matcha to coffee, green tea, and redbull:

More effective, better focused and healthier? What's the downside? The price? Not really...

Matcha is much more expensive per gram than coffee or green tea, but you have to compare the price per cup and how many cups you use.

With matcha you only need 2g per cup and most of our customers drink 1-2 cups of matcha a day.

If you calculate the price per cup (and how many cups you drink per day), matcha is a lot cheaper than any Starbucks drink and almost as cheap, if not cheaper, than your tea/coffee/Redbull.

So are you waiting? Begin your adventure with the Matcha Starter Set.

It includes everything you need to prepare your first delicious cup of matcha: 60g of matcha powder (30 servings), a measuring spoon and a matcha blender.

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To better, healthier energy 💚

Warm greetings,

PS Hundreds of years ago, Japanese samurai warriors drank matcha to gain energy for battle. Isn't that cool?