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Aluminum in matcha? Do I have to worry?

Aluminum is found in small traces in almost all vegetables and fruits. If you test 1kg of matcha powder you will of course find various trace elements, but it is important to remember the concept of " the amount makes the poison ".
It may be that consuming 100g of matcha per day exceeds the aluminum limit, but what many fear-mongering news sites fail to take into account is that most people only consume 1-2g of matcha per day. Not 100g - that's 50-100x less...
It's also important to remember that the Japanese have been drinking matcha for hundreds of years and have one of the highest life expectancies in the world. There is even a connection between the consumption of matcha and life expectancy...

Below is an exception from K-Tipp, which claims that the aluminum content in matcha is too high. However, K-Tipp does not say which organization the guidelines come from and how this affects daily consumption:

And what about MatchaLand?
At MatchaLand we test our matcha for heavy metals, and they are always well below the specified values ​​set by the Japanese organic organization JAS. 😊