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RINGANA Matcha, where can I buy it?

Unfortunately, RINGANA no longer has their delicious Matcha in their range. This is very sad news because many of us liked to drink our matcha in the morning to start the day.

And what now?

We have found the perfect replacement. MatchaLand now offers the same high-quality, light green Matcha that was previously available from RINGANA. It is offered in 60g cans and is slightly cheaper than RINGANA used to be: 49.95 or 39.95 with a subscription.

This is what Barabara, a Swiss RINGANA Fresh partner, says about MatchaLand's matcha:

"Many of us partners miss the great RINGANA Matcha very much. Luckily Rosmarie told me about MatchaLand. You saved my afternoon ritual. So I'll be happy to drum up a bit of advertising for you. Some people will be very happy to finally have something equivalent to have found." -Barbara