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Replacing Coffee with Matcha

I replaced my morning coffee with matcha green tea for a week: Here's what happened

It's 6:00 AM, Monday morning. I'm super tired but don't want to wake up and get ready right away. I reach over and get my phone from the nightstand and do what I do every morning…. scrolling through Instagram.

I came across this funny viral video of a woman saying

"Did you know: If you replace your morning coffee with a nice hot cup of green tea, you can lose up to 87% of the happiness that you have left in you."

It made me laugh.

I scrolled through the comments, and everyone was making fun of green tea. But one comment said “Sure, green tea sucks. But I can't live without my matcha."

I never really liked green tea. It always tasted so watery and bitter, and like all the other coffee drinkers watching that video at 6AM, I cheered HURRAY, long live coffee.

But “matcha”? Is that not the powdery yellow-green powder tea that is just as bitter? Someone actually likes that stuff?

Then, like a zombie, I dragged myself out of bed to my kitchen and made myself my morning coffee. But I couldn't let it go. I did some Googling and apparently there are different types of matcha, and the high-quality stuff is really green and not bitter at all… Interesting.

On the train ride to work is when I saw it...

I was continuing my Instagram scroll when I saw the ad. A young lady put a small spoon of bright green powder into a glass and mixed it with a handheld mixer.

Then she added some honey and milk. The drink was a pastel green, and kind of looked pretty good. She seems to like it.

Then the ad then talked about how “Matcha” was an ultra-high-quality form of powdered green tea that was specially grown to boost concentration and provide all day – unlike my coffee that I needed to refill around noon.

Ok I was interested. I am not the best at staying focused and all-day energy sounded good tome. So I clicked on the ad for a Bio Matcha Starter Set that included a 30 day supply of this “matcha”, an electric mixer (always good to have) and a cute little measuring spoon.

I almost didn't buy but I saw that they offered a money back guarantee if I didn't like the taste… which was strange for a company in Switzerland – unlike that one time I went to New York and could return anything I bought, half-used, no questions asked…

So, I gave in and bought it (using Twint by the way).

The Set arrived 2 days later. Here's what happened...

As soon as I got my package, I ripped it open. There was the can, a bag with 60g of matcha, an electric mixer and the cute measuring spoon. There was also a little leaflet that had some recipes on it and I couldn't wait until the next morning so I made myself an Iced Matcha Latte.

Matcha, honey, milk and ice. Pretty easy recipe, and mixing the with the electric tool was fun.

Now to the taste. I'm sure you're thinking “milky spinach” or “liquid grass”. That's what I was thinking... but no.

creamy earthy Delicious.

The taste is hard to describe, but it was really good. Not bitter at all, kind of similar to black tea with milk, but better. It was gone pretty fast.

Ok so the taste was good. But did it work? Did it give me energy all day? Did it help me focus?

To my surprise. yes

I had a hot matcha latte the next morning (also very tasty) and went to work.

Around 12-1, when I usually would go to the break room and make more coffee, I felt different.

My eyelids weren't as heavy. I felt less anxious and I still had energy. So I skipped the afternoon coffee.

The day went by pretty fast. I got a lot of work done and overall I was actually less stressed than normal.

That lady from the comments was on to something...

So I did some research and there is actually some science behind all of this.

Matcha, like coffee, has caffeine, but it also has something called L-Theanine, which is a special compound that not only improves concentration but makes caffeine last longer.

Apparently in ancient Japan, Samurai warriors drank Matcha before battle to give them the energy they needed. I mean if it's good enough for a samurai, it's good enough for me.

Then I found out that of all the fancy super foods in the world, Matcha has the highest antioxidant content per gram. the highest Not Goji berries, not gooseberries, Matcha.

Not only is it an amazing source of energy, it's also incredibly healthy.

It works, it's healthy, and tastes good.

Why am I just hearing about this miracle powder now?


I am a completely different person.

I did the “Matcha Challenge” which was a little calendar that came with my order and drank matcha for 30 days, ate no junk food, drank 2L of water and exercised every day.

I discovered a whole new me. I actually like waking up in the morning now! like what???

I feel healthier and have more energy. I even tried some of the recipes like the matcha pancakes with bananas and Nutella. I am not a boss so it might not look amazing, but it tasted really good:

yes The experiment worked.

Thank you lady from the comments, I now also can't live without my daily matcha.

And shoutout to MatchaLand, where I got my Matcha Starter Set from. I love your mission of healthier energy and will fight by your side until we have converted every coffee drinker to matcha.

If you want to order the same Organic Matcha Starter Set that I ordered, click here.